Welcome to the Discover online courses

Designed to simply take away the uncertainty and guesswork and give you clarity about the plans God has for you.

My name is Tim O'Neill and for over 25 years I've been helping people like you understand who God has called you to be and how He has uniquely wired you. These courses will provide clarity to take away uncertainty and make simple what is often complex.

I'm passionate about helping people become the best that they can be and have designed these online courses to do exactly that and to give you a roadmap to follow.

I hope that you will take these online courses and gain real clarity about who you were created to be, the life you are meant to live and the steps you can take to truly live a life of purpose.

What Others Say

about the Discover online courses

“We all know that God has created each of us uniquely, and gifted us naturally and spiritually in special ways. But in the eagerness to do things for God, most of us tend to rush into opportunities or into things we like; rather than taking time to discover how God has gifted us and then figuring out the best way to connect those gifts for maximum Kingdom impact. Tim O’Neill has, over the years, developed some excellent tools that makes this process so much easier and now I am so glad he has created this online version. We at Empart have used this program in different countries and cultures, and found them to be extremely useful for self-understanding, as well as building great teams. God has given all the gifts that are needed to advance His work through you - you just need to identify and connect them together. Now you have no excuse!”
Jossy Chacko, Founder and President, Empart Inc

I loved the Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Online Course and would recommend it to church leaders and their teams.

What I loved about the course is:

1. It's scriptural - every concept presented is out of the Bible
2. It's connected - there's a flow of thought and each layer builds upon the previous
3. It's practical - there are application suggestions at every stage and this is very helpful
4. It's accessible - each video presentation is short and straight to the point
5. It's flexible - there is the option to pause and come back to it anytime

Sujith Alex, Senior Pastor, Beacon Church, Bury St Edmunds
Area Leader, Thames North, AOG Great Britain
Blogger, www.sujithalex.com

Finding how God has equipped you with spiritual gifts and how he wants you to use them isn’t as simple as dreaming, it requires work. The task of getting to know yourself begins with understanding who you are, where your strengths and weaknesses lie and how you can apply yourself in areas you have passion for. Tim’s course is a great place to begin the search, it’s simple, interactive and results in information that will help you on your journey. I recommend you try it out and be encouraged by learning how God is shaping you.
Wayne Swift National Leader, Acts Global Churches

“One of the most important tools in my personal development and faith journey was finding out what Spiritual Gifts that God had placed on my life, as well as looking at my Life's Purpose.  Being walked through this journey by Tim, along with the materials provided, was so powerful and such an integral step in the journey to who I am today as a wife, mother and business person.  I encourage you to get curious and give this a go.  God has amazing things planned for you, and understanding the gifting on your life is so freeing”.
Celine Egan Chief Growth & Operations OfficerJuice Plus (Australia) Pty Ltd

It is so refreshing to hear someone demystify and articulate with clarity  the different kinds of spiritual gifts mentioned within the New Covenant. Ps Tim has created a wonderful resource to be able to simply equip the saints to do the work of the ministry in both the church and the marketplace on mission. I would not hesitate to recommend this resource in whatever kind of leadership role you find yourself. It helps people understand how God has created and wired them, and how the Holy Spirit wants to supernaturally work through them. Well done Ps Tim for creating a resource to bless all leaders everywhere.
Ps Kevin Thomas  OurChurch,  Burleigh

"For too long, spiritual gifts have been a source of confusion and even fear among believers. Tim O’Neill has removed the mystique, producing a simple but profound course on how, and more importantly, why we are uniquely gifted to impact the kingdom of God, and complement and build the body. He carefully unpacks the difference between natural (motivational) and supernatural gifts, and the leadership gifts, and allows readers to discover how to match and develop their skills and talents to their passion and calling. The result is greater clarity, confidence and power to live a purpose-driven life."
Paul O’Rourke Community Partnerships Manager, Loves and Fishes, Tasmania,
former CEO of Compassion Australia & Emilys Voice.

'I have recently completed the, 'Discover Your Spiritual Gifts' and, 'Discover Your Life Purpose' online courses provided by Tim O’Neill. Both of these online courses were relevant, practical, and challenging.  The content is biblically sound steps to help unpack what God has sovereignly planned for you to discover on your faith journey. As you take up the call of being a disciple of Jesus, I strongly encourage you to participate in these two dynamic online courses. You will come out the other side enlarged and equipped to take up the specific mission God has in store for you!  Now that's exciting!'
Mark Ansell Head of Coaching and Mentoring A2A,
Executive Pastor Gateway Church Australia.